National Vegetable Of INDIA

What is National Vegetable Of INDIA?

Do you know what is the National Vegetable of India? Well the answer is Kaddu which is also called as Indian Pumpkin.

You expected this or not but Kaddu is National vegetable of India. This is also call winter quash many times or in western countries.

How much Calories in Kaddu?

Kaddu (Which is also called as Indian pumpkin) contains 26 Calories in every 100 Grams

What all are Kaddu Recipes?

Below are the Kaddu Recipes in India

  1. Kaddu ki Sabzi
  2. Khatta meetha Kaddu
  3. Kaddu kheer
  4. Kaddu Parathas
  5. Kaddu Halwa
  6. Kaddu Muffins
  7. Kaddu Pakoras

What are health benefit of Kaddu?

Below are the few health benifit from Kaddu

Kaddu has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the risk of lung cancer and lowering the chances of joint inflammation and arthritis.

Kaddu contains high amount of carotenoids which help in fighting with the free radicals in the body. Which help in preventing premature cardiovascular diseases, aging and many more.

Pumpkin juice help in ulcers, high acidity due to its sedative values.

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